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Customer Reviews

At first I thought your towel was too beautiful to use. I wanted to wear it. I wanted it to be a scarf. I can’t remember why I started using it, but it was a leap to use something so beautiful for something so mundane. I was hooked as soon as I began using it. All the things I was concerned about fell away. I never looked back. It improves my quality of life because it’s beautiful and feels good on my hands. It’s got soul. It’s got life in it. It’s such a treat to use, even if it’s a quick second to dry my hands. It’s a moment of joy, of beauty, of texture that feels good.

Debora Seidman
Taos, NM

Your towels take a beating in my home, but they always come up from the cellar laundry room in one piece and smiling.

William Wickey
Morristown, NJ

Who knew one could be awed by a dishtowel.
I came back from a nice visit with friends to find the unbelievably beautiful kitchen towel. It is beyond stunning. I know I will be ordering more for friends through the year. The colors, texture and patterns are mesmerizing. They really light up a room!

Faith Conant
Amherst, MA

I use your towels all the time with delight.
They are not only beautiful, but have much greater functional quality than those I used to use: super absorbent (I used to use towels that took months to stop rejecting water); can dry a sink full of glasses, plates, etc.; protect you from heat of plate, drape nicely on towel rail, don't actually look wet and never look bedraggled.

Caroline Rennie
La Conversion, Switzerland

At first I saved it for best.
I was given a Whimsy & Tea Kitchen towel as a gift. At first I saved it for best. But one day when I was desperate for a clean towel, I used it. I discovered that your towels are not only beautiful - they are incredibly durable, functional, and amazingly absorbent!
I love things that are handmade with care, attention and intention. Your towels have a very sweet energy to them, and that energy carries through and enhances the warmth and comfort of my kitchen.
I am so impressed with your textiles, I am giving them as gifts to my mom and sister.

Buffie Harris
Sebastopol, CA

I bought one of your towels as a gift for my mother, but then I decided to keep it for myself. I have been using it – I haven’t enclosed it in glass yet! -- and I have noticed that my standard towel has disappeared.
I recommend your towels to those who are looking for something beautiful, something of quality. I’ve been wanting to take better care of myself and having things around me that speak of quality is part of taking better care of myself.

Anne Snyder
Washington County, NY

Your towels bring me joy.
I love your towels every single time I put my hands on them. And I think of that fact that you make them just because you want them to be beautiful. That means something to me and it makes a huge difference to me. I love to touch them. I love to have them. I love to look at them. I love to wash them. I love to see them come out of the washer again. They bring me joy.”

Mary Stukenberg
Santa Rosa, CA


My handwoven towel is a real treasure.
I wondered how I could use it everyday -- but the more I do, the softer and more gorgeous it gets.  It's the best kitchen gift I've given myself.

Lee Miller

I love the towel.  
I brought it home and immediately put it to use!  It makes me happy every time I use it.  It is beautiful craftsmanship and I look forward to enjoying it for many years to come.

Haley Bjerk
Lake Oswego, OR