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joy journey revisted napkins a

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Four years ago a college friend custom ordered a pair of kitchen towels to celebrate her new home and the next steps in her journey. A recent email from her inspired me to revisit her towels.
Joy, for her, is expressed in bright colors and serendipitous patterns, so she named her towels Joy Journey. And these napkins, woven with those same bright colors and a new pattern, are Joy Journey Revisited.

Napkin details
* royal blue, cornflower blue, white, red, green, dark blue
* approximately 18" x 18"
* 100% cotton
* soft and durable
* prewashed, dried and ironed
* meticulously hemmed by hand

Playfully designed pairs
sold as pictured

Easy care
machine wash warm or cold
* tumble dry medium
* fabric softener and dryer sheets can reduce absorbency