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I feel the earth kitchen towel c


These colors connected me to the earth as I wove. The combination felt fall-like because of the brick and pumpkin. But then a friend mentioned that she found them spring-like because of the kiwi green. Plus when the sugar maple leaves start unfurling they are brick red before they turn green. Her comment shifted my perspective about fall colors versus spring colors, and now I pay closer attention to how I associate color and season.

Towel details
* kiwi, brick, pumpkin, teal, brown
* approximately 18.5" x 27"
* 100% cotton
* soft, durable and absorbent
* prewashed, dried and ironed
* meticulously hemmed by hand

Weaving detail
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Easy care
machine wash warm or cold
* tumble dry medium
* fabric softener and dryer sheets can reduce absorbency