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bridge over gentle waters kitchen towel

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I find the colors of this sustainably grown, undyed cotton very soothing. They remind me of how I feel when I stand on a wooden bridge I came across one fall morning in a clearing in the woods, a spot I now visit often. I close my eyes and listen to the burbling water and let my stress float away.

Towel details
* natural white, dark green, light brown, dark brown
* approximately 18.5" x 26"
* 100% cotton
* soft, durable and absorbent
* prewashed, dried and ironed
* meticulously hemmed by hand

Fiber details
* cotton sustainably grown without the most toxic agrichemicals
* no dyes or bleach have been used; the color is in the plant itself

Weaving detail
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Easy care
* machine wash warm or cold
* tumble dry medium
* fabric softener and dryer sheets can reduce absorbency