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Sustainable Cotton

Natural Colors: Undyed, Unbleached

The cotton used in these Whimsy & Tea towels or napkins was sustainably grown in California and New Mexico. The greens, browns and creamy whites are the natural colors of the cotton plant itself. No dyes or bleaches have been used.

Natural Changes: Greens, Browns and Creamy Whites

To hasten the natural deepening of the colors, especially the green, I have washed the towels and napkins with washing soda. Depending on the pH of your water, you may notice changes in the colors with repeated washings. The variations over time are part of the nature of the cotton.

Natural Variations: Connection, Appreciation

With this colorgrown cotton, the greens and browns may vary from growing season to growing season. I like to think that, like wine grapes, the cotton may express terroir – that its color is influenced by the soil and growing conditions, and then further affected by the water in which it’s washed.

The natural changes in the color make the towels and napkins feel more alive. 

For me, this is part of the appeal of this cotton and adds to its beauty.

P.S. No special care is required. Wash in cold or warm water. Dry on medium heat. Do not use bleach, dryer sheets or fabric softeners.